• Eduard Wiiralt

    The Everyday Life of the Estonian Artist

    A book by Marje Mölder

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  • His Life

    As Revealed by His Postcards and Letters

    Original letters and postcards transcribed and translated the author to English, Keeping his coloful style of expression.

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An Original Collection

Experience the life of Eduard Wiiralt through his postcards and letters.

  • Postcards

    Read 7 of Eduard Wiiralt's postcards to the Mölder family

  • Letters

    Experience his life through 11 of his letters

  • Artwork and Doodles

    14 etches and over 40 newspaper doodles

  • Translations

    Transcribed from his original handwriting by Marje Mölder and then translated, also by her, but kept in a literal format in order to more accurately record his colourful style of expression.

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This book is provided for free by the author, Marje Mölder

What I have is an almost continuous dialogue from 1945 to 1949. I felt that glimpses into his personal life and struggles could be of interest to museums and collectors of Eduard Wiiralt as well as to students of art in general and as such should be free to reach the maximum audience.

About The Author

Ms. Marje Mölder Published Author

Marje Mölder Owens was born in 1945 in Stockholm, Sweden to Estonian parents who had fled Russian occupation. Her father, Voldemar J. Mölder, was a merchant marine and a well-known philatelist dealing in stamps, revenues, covers and antique postcards. His constant love of travel led to his family living all over France including Paris.

This was followed by immigration to Canada in 1951. There, they lived in Toronto and took in other Estonian refugees. After 4 years, they moved to Victoria, British Columbia where she resides today. Her father died in 1963. She attended the University of Victoria and obtained her BSc. and MSc. in botanical studies. She was a research assistant for 15 years before retiring to have 2 sons, Brent Owens and Sean Owens.

After her mother Linda Kann Mölder died in 1987, she inherited all of Eduard Wiiralt's graphic art works, letters, postcards and doodles. She also inherited her father's philatelic collections. Her next project involves cataloguing antique postcards covering Estonian true- photo cards, stamps, balloon, dirigible and biplane. She still has two cousins living in Estonia.

Marje Mölder Owens lives in Canada near Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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A quick peak into the book

Take a glimpse into the book and into Eduard Wiiralt's life. You will experience his travels and routines beyond his famous art work

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His Doodles

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Original Sketches


his life through his Letters

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Never before seen art


His beautiful handwriting


His original letters

His letters

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